Europa Universalis IV Console commands

05 Apr

Being a grand strategy videogame, Europa has managed to keep its players enthralled with its powerful gameplay since its inception. The game includes trade, warfare, exploration and diplomacy and the console commands help to deal with these aspects in a relatively simpler and easier way. The rich strategical crafting environment of the game many a times becomes a tough call for the players and it becomes difficult to manage. Players use cheats to extend their lifespan and last for a longer time to discover the gameplay further. The codes focus on manpower, cash, restoration of health and ammunitions and lot many other factors. 

Europa universalis IV console commands and cheat

Cheat codes and their uses

debug_mode= It displays details about the province, country and border details.

yesman= Used to toggle the diplomatic responses.

fow= Toggles fog of war.

ti= Used for toggling terra incognita mode.

cash (insert number) [ optional]= Adds extra money to mentioned country.

manpower (insert number) [ optional]= It adds extra manpower.

prestige [amount ] [ optional]= It adds prestige and if nothing is mentioned it adds 5 points by default.

legitimacy [] [ optional]= Used for setting the legitimacy of current ruler.

adm [amount ] [ optional]= For attaining administrative power points. (default= 999)

mil [amount ] [ optional]= For attaining military power points. (default= 999)

dip [amount ] [ optional]= For acquiring diplomatic powers. (default= 999)

age = For setting the age. Different numbers have different values.

collision(debug_collision)= Used to toggle explosion.

colonize [province ID]= An unsettled province is colonized.

combat_dice [number]= Used for fixing a combat dice number.

control [province ID] [ optional]= It changes the controller of the province.

delete_wars [ optional]= It is used to delete wars without removing truces.

declare_war [attacker tag] [defender tag] [call willing allies]= Used to wage war between two nations.

die(kill) [ optional]= Used to kill the ruler of a specified country.

economy []= It prints the global economy statistics.

disaster [disaster_key]= It progresses the rate of disaster 100 times.

doom [amount] [ optional]= It adds to a country’s doom.

embrace [province id] [ optional]= Used for embracing all the institutions in a province.

epicfail [ optional]= Used for failing all the spies of a target country.

event [event ID] [ optional] [

exhaust [amount] [ optional]= here war exhaustion is altered.

favours [ optional]= Gives favors to the target company.

god= It toggles the god mode.

golden_age [country tag]= It starts a golden age in the particular country.

kill_consort [ optional]= It is used to kill your consort.

kill_heir [ optional]= It kills the heir of the target country.

observe_mode= Changes gameplay for the player into observer mode.

morehumans(humans) [number]= It adds required number of humans.

nudge= It takes to the nudge tool.

oos= It is used to make the client go oos.

own [province ID] [ optional]= It changes the ownership of a particular province.

own_core [province ID] [ optional]= It changes ownership and also adds core.

add_backer [province ID]= Used to make the selected province a backer of the current issue in the parliament.

add_missionary [country tag]= It adds a missionary to the country.

add_devastation [province ID] [progress]= It is used for devastation of a province at a desired rate.

canals= It debugs canals on the map.

msg= Used for toggling message pop-ups.

prices= It adds information about prices into game.log

These are the few handful of important skyrim commands mentioned. These codes can be manipulated and used in a wide variety of ways.

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